NUSRET ÇOLPAN`S ART The harmony of spirals in clouds and general forms...

Nusret Çolpan (October 1, 1952 - May 31, 2008) was a Turkish painter, architect and miniaturist, renowned for his paintings in Ottoman miniature style depicting cities around the world, particularly Istanbul. He painted over 300 miniatures in his 30 year career.

He was inspired by City Illustrator Matrakci Nasuh, who lived during the period of Suleiman the Magnificent. Cities are the main subjects of most of Çolpan's Paintings, but he also painted events like Noah's Ark, 8 miniatures for 700th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire, the Battle of Preveza, the Fall of Constantinople, Mevlana and Sema ceremonies: besides, he painted also on occasion of documentaries with his students.

Çolpan used spiral forms in many miniatures. The harmony of spirals in clouds and general forms created his unique style. He avoided repainting old miniatures and managed to paint present time in the main concepts of miniature.

He implemented miniatures on tiles first time. He continued on the way of his teacher Suheyl Unver and after centuries of neglect reapproched people with the art of miniature.

Nusret Colpan died at the age of 55 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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    Oscar Medya