NEW YORK`S FLORIST PAINTER A woman in 1900s, eventually ,either she could be an art teacher or draw flower pictures.
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A woman in 1900s, either she could be an art teacher or draw flower pictures.O'Keeffe drew flower pictures."İt does not matter what you do. İ'am going to be a great painter,and you will end up teaching painting in some girl's school."This was only one thing that brought fame to Eugene Speicher.Whereas scorned woman became famous and gained wealth moreover paved the way for the next women painters. The greatest woman painter of the 20th century, she was being scorned at the trade school.A woman in 1900s, eventually ,either she could be an art teacher or draw flower pictures.

O'Keeffe drew flower pictures. she had run away from the Art İnstitute of chicago,had been to frightened to be at the class with nude male models.But she did not know that sexuality would be the biggest moot point for her art. A woman drew flowers,vagina and female sexuality always were located in her pictures.She was criticized but did not care about. she did not care about like this: when it was told about famous cow head table of her ,this table is an ascription which is related how much American people are religious, she replied it: "İf you paint three colors of the flag on any drawing,it becomes the supreme American culture for you"

A consumptive mother,an alcholic father and a family of seven children... Georgia O'Keefle had started the life in difficult conditions and chosen difficult thing.Her art education went hard though she was  awarded some prizes and got some scholarships.She left the academy and began commercial painting due to bad economy of her family. Those were bad times. she found teaching job in Texas but at the same time started to live in fear because of being imprisoned in the dreaded circle ,but it was not.

The hidden treasures of the desert were opened for her. An endless sky,vast areas,bones and skulls.The paintings began to thrill her.The silence of Palo Duro Canyon was being broken when she sent some pictures to her friend in New York.

Her friend was impressed with the pictures and took them to Gallery 291.Also Alfred stieglitz was impressed with the pictures and the relationship began between Desert Painter O'keeflee and Stieglitz.O'keefle was not satisfield so much ,but her pictures already were on display at Gallery 291 because stieglitz did not give up who was a master broker and modern photographer.

The 1st world war  made Antiwar O'keeffe tired and she turned to a grumpy woman day by day.she bawled at a war supporter shop and encouraged a young man about continuing his education instead of enlisting. She moved to New york in 1918 when Spanish flu infected her.She was attending some art meetings because of the relationship with Stieglitz ,and painting in the shadow of criticism.Her some poses  came into questions which had been taken by famous photographer Stieglitz but she  cared about nothing ,even did not care about Stieglitz.

Her husband had fallen ill and then she returned the desert because could not be a nurse for him.New Mexico influeced making her own style up and she created her most known works there.İn 1940,she started to compose at a deserted farm and sell her works for high prices with the help of Steeglitz in New York.

Erotic,Psychological,symbolic.. Her paintings were summarized by these words.Her exhibition was held at the Whitney Museum and it proved that she is the most unique painter of USA.She long lived and had learnt the languages of the flowers.Lilies and other flowers had placed like giants on her canvas,when she died in 1986,everybody had already learnt the name of this Amazing Flower's Painter. But Her images came into question more than her flowers,whereas she only had wanted to show the flowers how she saw them. "İf i would draw a flower as it seems ,nobody could see what i saw the inside of the flower.Therefore,i thought that i should draw what i see,what the flower means for me, and i should draw giant shaped that if people find time to examine it,they may be puzzled.İn this way,even i can help very busy New York People ,and also they can find time to see what i see inside of the flower"
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